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Poly Life with Cunning Minx

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A man’s girlfriend moved to NYC to become a ballerina. But instead she’s been boozing and eating food! Is it his place to tell her that ballerinas don’t actually, you know, eat? A transwoman has moved heaven and earth to get herself through college, despite her parents cutting her off. But then! Her school sent their choir to sing at You Know Who’s inauguration. She’s considering dropping out in protest. Don’t worry, Dan talks her out of it. On the Magnum, welcome to Poly Land! Dan chats with Cunning Minx, from the Polyamory Weekly podcast about the joys and pitfalls of poly living, complete with strategies for keeping your head together. If you are curious about how the poly folk get all their loving done, then be sure to tune in. Also, a woman is horrified to discover that her new boyfriend is pathologically messy. 206-302-2064


Cunning Minx