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Cannibal Cop

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A woman’s father is planning to go to Russia to fetch his new mail-order bride. How can the caller convince her delusional father that this is not such a good idea? Hear the sordid tale of the Ambien-befuddled, drunky, but also kind of hot step-mother who came on to her step-son in a most aggressive and lascivious way. Now that some years have passed should the caller seek redress? On the Magnum, remember the “Cannibal Cop?” He was the NYPD cop who chatted with his buddies about plans to kidnap, kill and eat ladies. And now he’s an author! Dan interviews co-author Brian Whitney about the book, and the…unsavory issues it raises. A woman is dating a man who is so jealous that he insisted that she get rid of her bed, sheets, pillows- everything associated with a previous lover. And guess what? She did it! 206-302-2064


Brian Whitney