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So many sex toys!

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A man and a woman used to date, but now they’re just friends. The woman got married and doesn’t want her rich husband to know that she used to date the caller. Is it because she’s embarrassed that the caller doesn’t make enough money? From three-way to third wheel…a gay man with a long term boyfriend opened up their relationship to bring on another man. But now the boyfriend is getting closer and closer to the new guy. Do we have a problem here? On the Magnum, Dan chats with our go-to sex toy expert Erica Moen, to discuss “a whole bunch of dildos,” a comprehensive round-up of anal lubes, and a toy for women with a misguided name. And, a Jewish woman wonders if it’s racist to donate her eggs to a couple that wants a Jewish donor. 206-302-2064


Erika Moen