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Welcome to the Real Doll Brothel.

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A woman had sex with a pre-op transwoman. But she didn’t make the caller come, or even try. Now the caller wonders if this is a “vagina-bodied” vs “non vagina-bodied” problem, or just a “jerk” problem. A married gay man with kids begs Dan for a quick n’ dirty guide on how to add a third partner into their relationship. How can they have adventures and maintain the sanctity of their family unit? On the Magnum version, check out Canada! They are slowly but surely opening sex doll & robot brothels. Is this gonna be ok? Dr. James Cantor, the Director of the Toronto Sexuality Center, is on to discuss the implications of this new phenomenon. Canada- you so freaky. A woman’s sister is into drag, and wants to include the caller. The caller wants to dress up in female drag (even though she’s a woman) but worries about culturally appropriating gay male culture’s appropriation of women. Did you get all that? Spoiler! Dan tells her to chill out. High heels are super weird. 206-302-2064


Dr. James Cantor