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Dating with Disabilities

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Therapy is good right? It gets you in touch with your feelings. Unless…those feelings you are getting in touch with are jealousy, paranoia and possessiveness. Sometimes it’s time to BACK AWAY FROM THE FEELINGS. Anyway, here’s the kind of question you really came for: A woman is about to turn thirty and wants to throw a big sex party with XTC a’flowin’. But she is also a mom and wants to invite her other mom friends. Should she offer them party drugs too? On the Magnum, Dan chats with Andrew Gurza from the Disability After Dark podcast to talk about dating when you have a disability. And, a bi woman is dating her first lady. The problem? This lady gets very, very, very, very wet. So wet that the caller wonders if she should keep a washcloth by the bed. You should have such problems, right? 206-302-2064


Andrew Gurza