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The Bad Behavior Show

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Some of you are doing terrible things. We start with a teen who has been sneaking off with her mother’s vibrator. How can her long-suffering parents encourage her to use one without using *that particular* one? A woman’s new boyfriend begs her to let him change her tampon, saying it would bring them closer together. Is this a fetish of his? Is this a fetish of anyone’s? This isn’t “bad,” per se but just what the Sam Hill is going on on here? On the Magnum, Dan chats with bad-assed victims’ right’s lawyer Carrie Goldberg about the hook-up app Grindr dragging their feet on intervening in some very serious harassment going on. Bad! And, we’re not done, just you listen! A woman loves to cheat- she loves the sneaking around, the lying, all of it. She doesn’t want poly, she wants to cheat! AND. A gay man regularly “sticks it in” without a condom, even when expressly forbidden to do so. That is so, so bad. Dan has his work cut out for him this week.


Carrie Goldberg