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Johann Hari on the depression epidemic.

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A man lives in a duplex below a couple women. One day, he heard them having sex, and it inspired him to have a wank. Now he feels guilty. Is he an Eavesdropping Tom? A woman hooked up with a younger man. He asked her if his penis looked like it was circumcised. He wasn’t and she told him so. How could a fella possibly not know this about himself? It is very perplexing. On the Magnum Dan has a long conversation with Johann Hari – the controversial author of “Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions.” They discuss the western world’s depression epidemic and whether treatment is over-medicalized. Hari offers a new paradigm on how to truly address human suffering. And what about being in a relationship with depressed people? That’s Dan’s wheelhouse. Listen in.


Johann Hari