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The Ethics of HIV Disclosure

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When bisexual friends go wild: A lesbian has been buddies with a bi woman for a while. Guess what happened when they got drunk! Now, the bi friend is asking her boyfriend for a hall pass to sleep with the lesbian friend. But will their friendship be able to withstand all this newfound passion? Hear two tales concerning the ethics of HIV disclosure: A male/female couple have always been bi and open. But when they both got HIV it became much more difficult to find other partners willing to take the risk. And, a transwoman sex worker also has HIV. She is on meds, and undetectable. Her sugar daddy who wants to take her on a fabulous trip. Should she tell him? Speaking of sex workers, on the Magnum, Dan chats with Dr. Lucy Platt about her study looking at how criminalization of sex work affects the health of sex workers. And, dating handsome bartenders. It ain’t easy.


Dr. Lucy Platt