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With Sex Worker’s Rights Advocate Alex Andrews.

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Here are the Savage Lovecast we’ve noticed that we’ll get a bunch of calls on a particular subject all at once. This week it was abortion and weddings. A caller asks if we should just sit on our hands and let Alabama and the other states hijacked by their far right politicians reap the political cost of criminalizing abortion. Hear Dan counsel a gay man who is getting married. A straight couple who the caller considered friends revealed that they couldn’t come to the wedding because it violates their Biblical principles. (Sounds like 2 less place settings to deal with. Yahtzee!) On the Magnum, Dan interviews Alex Andrews from the great sex workers’ rights advocacy group SWOP. They talk about their pen pal program for incarcerated sex workers, and a misguided (at best) piece of legislation coming up in Florida. And hear the tale of the lovelorn lad and The Mooch.


Alex Andrews