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What do we do now that Tumblr is dead?

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Here’s a conundrum: A black, gay man is married to his white husband. They want to drive into threesomes, but the black man is only attracted to white men and the white man is only attracted to black men. So you see. This is a real pickle. Meanwhile, a straight man has fantasies where he is a gay leather daddy, and his real life butch lesbian friend is his sub “boy.” Is this a thought crime? On the Magnum, Dan chats with Fast Company freelance journalist Sean Captain about the sad demise of Tumblr as safe space to find sweet, sweet pornography. He talks about the media landscape and what is emerging as Tumblr’s likely replacements. And, a man who recently moved to Los Angeles, feels daunted by his new roommate who thinks she’s psychic and talks to spirits. Is everyone like this in LA?


Sean Captain