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The Case for Nudism

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A gay man is dating a self-described “Sex Pig.” His antics in public are epic. The caller wants to figure out if he can learn to be more carefree and uninhibited or negotiate some rules to please them both. Hear and learn from the cautionary tale of the dutiful daughter housesitting for her parents, and the hidden videocamera. On the Magnum, Dan stammers through a conversation about a topic that makes him feel…uncomfortable: NUDITY. Stéphane Deschenes from The Naturist Living Show podcast tries to convince our fully clothed host that casual nudity is underrated. And he should stop being so uptight already. Also, a man wants to give pregnant women massages, because…boners. Should he be honest and upfront about his ulterior motive? 206-302-2064


Stéphane Deschenes