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Is drag over? AW HELL NO! With Simon Doonan.

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A woman was apparently dating Genghis Khan. He told her he had had a vasectomy, but she got pregnant anyway. And so had a bunch of other women he dated. Her lawyer says she has a battery case. Her friends tell her to chill out. What do you think? A married woman has a very dear gay male friend. She wants to go on vacation with him. But is this too much? Too close? Too weird? On the Magnum, are we sick of drag yet? No. No, we are not. Dan brings on the ever-delightful Simon Doonan to talk about the drag moment we’re having, and his new book “Drag, The Complete Story.” A woman has been with her boyfriend for 9 years- since middle school. No surprisingly, she’s getting bored with the sex. They want to remain monogamous, but how can they “spice things up?” Swingers clubs? Exhibitionism? Other adventures? Dan has ideas! So do you. 206-302-2064


Simon Doonan