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Octopus??? At Costco???

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A formerly repressed man is discovering his wild side. He and his wife like to do it in quasi-public in the mountains. He just got her a remote controlled vibrator, and wants to see if he can get her off in a restaurant. But is this ethical? Will people notice? Dan interviews the co-author of a study that finds that women tend to trust gay male shopkeepers over women shopkeepers. They theorize that women find another woman selling beauty products and clothes can’t be trusted because their reptile brains tell them they in competition for mates. So that’s depressing… Merry Christmas! An 18 year-old woman has started seeing a 21 year-old guy who claimed he was celibate, but sure doesn’t act like it. She thinks he’s lying to himself and her. She just wants to bone him already. Should she put him out of his celibate misery? And finally, did ya’ll know they sell octopus at Costco?


Hannah Bradshaw