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With America’s Sweetheart, Erin Gibson!

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We open with a quarantine sex story, in which a woman’s boyfriend pulls on one of her dresses, and things get even better from there. A woman in a poly relationship knows she has to end things soon with her primary partner. So, naturally, she started sleeping with her roommate. Is it time to pull the plug? During these terrible times? How? At long last, it’s the guest we’ve all been waiting for. Feminist comedic genius Erin Gibson, co-host of the Throwing Shade podcast and author of Feminasty: The Complicated Woman’s Guide to Surviving the Patriarchy without Drinking Herself to Death is on to answer some questions, and keep us all company in quarantine. A NYC sex worker who specializes in latex, wonders if it would be safe for her to keep seeing clients in person if she wore a high quality gas mask.


Erin Gibson