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Time to lawyer up!

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This pandemic is getting sexier and sexier! Who’s up for some Strip Ping-Pong? A gay man hooked up with a dude he had met a few months ago through an app. The dude asked our caller if he found him attractive. But the dude’s photo was wildly inaccurate. He had gained weight since the photo was taken. When the caller tried to tactfully explain this, dude went ballistic, accusing him of being fat-phobic. Judge Savage issues his ruling. On the Magnum…let’s get a lawyer! The pandemic will be mighty good for the lawyering business apparently. Dan brings on divorce attorney Lori Lopez Guzzo to give some free advice to a woman whose husband wants a divorce after encouraging her to quit her job. Her advice? Lawyer up and take him down. And, a woman had broken up with her boyfriend. But now that she is locked down and lonely, she just wanted to be “held and cuddled.” Is it ok to invite him back into her life…temporarily? Ok, enough with the Covid-19 calls already! Send us some non-covid related queries and we’ll run a virus-free show, we swear!


Lori Lopez Guzzo