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Love is Not Tourism

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An Irish man has found dating success with his “personal operating manual.” After the second date or so, he slides over a piece of paper delineating his likes and dislikes, in bed and out. It cuts through a lot of clutter, says he. For those of you separated from your loved ones because of travel restrictions, there could be some hope maybe? Dan chats with Chelsea from “Love is Not Tourism” a group working to allow stipulations for folks who want to reunite with their beloveds in other countries. A kindly aunt has been counseling her newly out niece. The niece and her mother don’t get along. Is it wrong for the caller to step in and chaperone her niece on her first date with a slightly older girl? And, one hot day, a woman found her “nubbin” tingling when she thought about ice cream for a second. Panic ensues. Is she some kind of ice cream fetishizing pervert? Her girlfriend tells her to chill out. So do we. Voicemail@savagelovecast.com 206-302-2064


Chelsea from Love is Not Tourism