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“Tell Me What You Want” with Dr. Justin Lehmiller.

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A man has been with his boyfriend for a year. The boyfriend’s supposedly straight roommate gives intimate hugs and drops obvious homo hints when he’s drunk. The caller doesn’t like him or trust him. Does he have to put up with this? This lady likes a giant, huge, enormous, really big penis. She proposes a hack for when she’s with a more modestly endowed gentleman. Could she insert a yoni egg inside her vagina, to simulate that Big Dick feeling? Would this work? Dan? On the Magnum, we welcome the Kinsey Institute’s Justin Lehmiller. Dan and Dr. Lehmiller discuss the difficulty of stating your sexual desires to a partner when your desires are…weird. Or disturbing. It’s tough out there for a closet kinkster. Dr. Lehmiller’s rational thinking and soothing voice are a balm in these confusing times. Finally, a man is dating a woman he really likes. But her parents are Trump supporters. She claims she isn’t going to vote at all in November. (!!!) Is she a secret Trump supporter? Does he have the right to demand she vote for Biden? Does this rise to DTMFA levels?


Dr. Justin Lehmiller