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He’s baaaaack. It’s Dr. Bummer!

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Have you ever had to quickly mute yourself on a Zoom meeting because your girlfriend was getting spanked in the other room? Just asking. Dan brings back Lina Dune from Ask a Sub to discuss the ethics of public displays of *kinky* affection. You know, like, leading your slave around by his leash in the grocery store. On the Magnum, it’s the anxious return of the esteemed epidemiologist Dr. Daniel Westreich, aka Dr. Bummer. He’s on to talk about the spiking spike of cold cases across the United States. But what a time to be an epidemiologist, am I right? And, a 41 year old man recalls when he was young, he showed up at the studio of his local newscaster to ask her out. He claims he wasn’t attracted to her fame. He just thought they would make a good couple. She politely refused. Now he wonders. Was that creepy?


Dr. Daniel Westreich