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With Anna Sale of the Death, Sex & Money podcast!

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It’s a boy! A pregnant woman upon learning the sex of her unborn baby is devastated that she’s not getting the daughter she always dreamed of. Can she learn to love…a son? Have you heard the Death, Sex & Money podcast with Anna Sale? Well! Anna joined us to talk about her new book “Let’s Talk About Hard Things.” She and Dan answered a few calls together, which somehow leads to a discussion about an esoteric BJ technique. Some is on the Micro, all is on the Magnum. A married lesbian found out that her wife is cheating on her, on her own damn birthday. Now the wife is asking for an open relationship. After 10 years of monogamy, can they make it work? Finally- “Wanted: sex worker to service my elderly father. Must also cook for him.” Does this kind of specialist exist?


Anna Sale