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“Get your vax!” says Doc Barak.

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“Soooo. About my daddy.” A gay man has developed a pleasant non-monogamous sugar baby/sugar daddy relationship. How can he tell his dates and boyfriends about his very special daddy? A woman has discovered that her boyfriend of 2 years has been seeing cam girls and compulsively giving them money. He isn’t interested in sexy pictures of the caller, poor thing. Should she accept this…proclivity… as a healthy sexual outlet? He’s back! The good doc! Doc Barak! He and Dan talk about vaccine hesitancy, and how to gently coax the skeptics into rolling up their sleeves. And, of course, because he always does this to the long suffering doctor, Dan sneaks in a question about ass-eating. There’s some of their conversation on the Micro and all of it on the Magnum. And, have you ever found yourself in a confusing unicorn situation? As part of their sexual adventures, a couple started sleeping with a friend. But the friend has a husband. And the husband is NOT into it. What responsibility does this couple have if their unicorn pal wants to keep it up with them in a lying, cheating kind of way?


Dr. Barak