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Choking: The Other Epidemic.

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A happily married trans man came out to his mom. She didn’t take it well. She told him that if he changed his name it would kill her. Then she died. Now he is faced with a choice- should he use his former name at the funeral gathering, or use his true, current name? 

A married woman enjoys animalistic, primal, rough sex. Her husband is also gentle and sweet and affectionate. She loves both, but has a hard time transitioning from one style to the other. 

On the Magnum, Dan brings on Dr. Debby Herbenick to discuss the ubiquity of choking in sex. Making the leap from porn to real bedrooms, it is often poorly communicated about beforehand. 

And, speaking of poor communication, hear the terrible tale of a New Years Eve polyamorous debacle. 

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Dr. Debby Herbenick