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With Disability Expert Andrew Gurza

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A bi man in an open relationship is disgusted by sweat- his lover’s and his own. How can he mitigate his revulsion?

A macho, macho man wants to know why he (or anyone) is into hot wifing. Dan breaks it down and spells it out. 

On the Magnum, a man with cerebral palsy doesn’t have use of his hands, and cannot masturbate. Even worse, he lives in a small town, so sex workers are hard to find. Dan chats with disability awareness consultant Andrew Gurza, about sex with disabilities, and a special toy that Andrew created specially for folks like this.  Get yourself a Bump’n Joystick or fund someone else who could use one here: https://getbumpn.com

And, guess who’s coming to the wedding? Why, it’s the grooms racist, homophobic, drunk mother! One of the bridesmaids is gay, and dating a trans woman. How can the caller avoid turning her very special day into the shit-show of the century? 


Andrew Gurza



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