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With Dr. Jen Gunter

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My boyfriend is TOO HOT! A woman is dating a very gorgeous man. The ladies come running when they walk into the bar, and some of them get nasty. At first the caller found this an exciting turn-on. But now she just feels jealous and demoralized. How can she turn the jealousy into arousal? 

A woman was perusing porn, and saw a man she is convinced is her ex. It’s been six years, and they parted amicably. She thinks it’s great that he’s doing this, but she feels compelled to let him know she saw it. Should she? 

On the Magnum, we have Dr. Jen Gunter on to talk about the effect abortion bans are having on people’s libidos, and the desire to have kids at all. 

A married man has a 4 year-old child that was conceived months into their relationship. In order to diagnose a medical condition the child has, he got some genetic testing done. He discovered that he is not the biological father. He loves his kid thoroughly and loves his fatherhood role. Should they tell the biological father? What if the bio-dad wants to swoop in and demand custody? His own parents cherish being grandparents. Should he tell them?  Yowsers, right? 

Of note!

On Wednesday, we’ll have an extra Micro/Magnum about Monkeypox. Dr. Carlton Thomas has been in the trenches treating gay men, and it’s…well, it’s horrifying. And for Magnum subscribers, expect a new Sex & Politics!  


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