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With LGBTQ YA author Adam Sass.

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His last girlfriend was into spanking. They both enjoyed this very much. You know who didn’t enjoy it at all? His dog, who now whimpers whenever it’s master starts kissing someone. How can he train his sensitive pooch to be more kink-positive?

A man is dear friends with a straight couple. But they are breaking up bitterly, and the woman is demanding that he choose between them as friends. How does one navigate this sort of unpleasantness?

On the Magnum, Dan brings back YA author Adam Sass (Surrender Your Sons and The 99 Boyfriends of Micah Summers) to talk about his new book, and how gay-oriented novels are being censored and removed in the places they are most needed. 

And, hear Dan counsel a sub with low self-esteem. 


Adam Sass



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