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The Science of Squirting.

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Ka-ching! A gay man suddenly found himself in a Fin Dom relationship when a guy dropped $100 in his account and started calling him “sir.” The caller wants to keep it going, but he also wants to make sure it’s ethical. 

A student teacher is horrified to hear some of his kids call each other “faggot.” He tries to stop it and comes down hard on the bullies. How can he teach these kids not to use hate speech? 

On the Magnum, it’s a “What You Got?” all about squirting. Instead of focusing on the composition of female ejaculate, Swedish sexual health researcher Jessica Påfs looked into women’s reactions to squirting. Some felt like it was a feminist super-power, others felt annoyed and ashamed. 

With all the hoopla around the new Jeffrey Dahmer TV show, a caller asks Dan to talk about the victim that he knew in the 80s. Dan does, and it will break your heart. 


Jessica Påfs



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