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What is a “Sex Therapist” anyway?

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A woman and her boyfriend use condoms. But she really, really wants his come inside her. Can she save some up, wait until there’s no threat of pregnancy, and then use it as lube? How long must she wait? 

A woman has always had a hard time reaching orgasm, even before she got on mental health meds. Her girlfriend can come at the drop of a hat. The girlfriend is patient and supportive, but the caller is feeling resentful. Why can’t she come? It’s not fair! 

On the Magnum, a caller asked what the hell a “sex therapist” is. Dan brings on newly minted sex therapist Julia Simone Fogelson (LCSW, CST,) to explain her profession. Do sex therapists have sex with their clients? How hard can this job be? Can I become one? 

And, although a man and his boyfriend are having the time of their lives using a chastity cage, the caller’s butthole tightens up when he’s using it. How can he ease the situation?


Julia Simone Fogelson



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