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With Damona Hoffman of “Dates & Mates.”

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A tortured, indecisive woman is on the fence about whether to continue her relationship with her husband of 11 years. Every day she wakes up wondering, “Is this right?” Is this normal? 

Hear the cautionary tale of the professional cuddler in an ethically non-monogamous relationship with a would-be dom and his much, much younger co-worker. Your life will suddenly feel manageable. 

On the Magnum, RIVAL relationship advice maven Damona Hoffman from the Dates & Mates podcast is on to swap strategies. What do you do with a man at a sex party who uses the same condom with 4 women? They also discuss race issues while dating, power dynamics and much more. 

And, a man has started dating a bearded guy. He likes the beard, but has only seen pictures of his boyfriend unshaven, and feels he has a right to see his face without all the bush. Does he have this right? 


Damona Hoffman



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