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When Dads Overshare.

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“Goodbye son, I’m off to Kink Camp!” A gay caller’s dad got divorced, came out as poly, and won’t shut up about it. He introduces the caller to all the girlfriends and brags about his various exploits. Our poor caller doesn’t want to hear the various details. How can he set some reasonable boundaries with his horndog dad? 

A woman’s spiritual leader is a Buddhist who leads meditation and holds counseling sessions. He’s 20 years her senior, and she thinks he’s kind of hot. He sent her some photos of a burlesque event that he went to including a stripper on a pole. The caller is conflicted. She knows this was inappropriate, but she kind wants to sleep with him anyway. 

On the Magnum, Dan enlists a pro to help with some tricky questions. A three-way goes horribly wrong, when the man of the trio busts out humiliating insults to his partner without warning or consent. A woman has to clean up the estate of her departed father, only to find his porn collection. Dan brings on couples and sex therapist Leslie Sherman to wade into the morass. 

And, a new father of TRIPLETS is horrified when the little buggers grab at his nipples. He normally enjoys nipple stimulation, but now it’s freaking him right out. 


Leslie Sherman



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