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Wedding Weirdness! And, Magnum Guest: Jill Filipovic on Trigger Warnings

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“Son, I’m open.” A gay man has a great relationship with his son. They hang out together, and the son drops by all the time. The caller has a boyfriend who also get along with his son. But what the son doesn’t know, is that they have an open relationship, so sometimes the caller welcomes other men into his house. What if his son drops by then? Should he explain his open relationship ahead of time?

A woman’s boyfriend proposed to her in a public, grand gesture. She hated it. They had never discussed marriage before, and the caller is skeptical of both weddings and the concept of wedlock. She said yes, only to avoid causing a scene. What now? Should she rescind her “yes?” Or negotiate with her clueless puppy dog of a fiancé?

On the Magnum, let’s reconsider trigger warnings, shall we? Dan and journalist Jill Filipovic talk about her piece in the Atlantic “I Was Wrong About Trigger Warnings.”  She and Dan talk about how content warnings are often nothing more than performative virtue signaling, and water down the times when they are genuinely necessary and useful. Agree, disagree, or agree to disagree. 

And, a woman found out that her ex from 10 years ago got married. She had been carrying a torch for him this whole time. Although her pal knew she harbored these feelings, she still sent the caller photos from his wedding, and the caller is furious with her friend for doing so. It ruined her vacation! How to move on? 


Jill Filipovic



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