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Meet Shallelujah, the sexy-voiced, bisexual gamer.

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A woman hooked up with a seemingly nice guy. She asked him to wear a condom, and he said he did. But after he left, she couldn’t find evidence of the condom- no wrapper, nothing. Did he stealth her? Should she call him and ask? 

Ureaplasma: What’s this fresh new STI? Dan is stumped, so he brings on Dr. Ina Park, his go-to expert on sexually transmitted diseases. 

On the Magnum, Dan chats with Shallelujah the twitch streamer with a sexy, sexy voice. They talk about parlaying a great voice (and mic) into a career, pleasing the pup community and coming out as bi in the gamer world. 

And, what’s the matter with this damn cock ring?! When he was younger, it fit him like a glove. Now it’s too loose. Can steel cock rings stretch, or does Occam’s razor point to a different conclusion?


Shallelujah Dr. Ina Park



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