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When Gays ATTACK!

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Her boyfriend wants it every day. She can manage 4-6 times per week but he still berates her for not putting out enough. Who’s side will Dan come down on? Here’s another gem of a boyfriend: He won’t compliment her or show any signs of affection. He hasn’t told his friends about her, and won’t pay for anything or inconvenience himself in any way. Foreplay? Nope! And yet, our heroine is still smitten. Meanwhile, over at Seattle’s gay pride parade, did an angry mob of lesbians brutally attack a kind and hapless preacher? JoeMyGod’s Joe Jervis has the story. On the Magnum version, we present a drinking game. Every time you hear the word “whatever” or “yadda, yadda, yadda,” you take a shot. In a sobering call, we learn of a bad case of Domestic Partnership Castration Syndrome, in which a man loses his erections after going through the commitment ceremony. And, a fem dom woman prepares to go to a party where the women wear clothes and men remain naked. Will she and her cross-dressing boyfriend have a good time? Will the other subs in the room imprint on her like a mama duckling?


Joe Jervis