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Why aren’t young people doing it? With The Atlantic’s Kate Julian.

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A man has tried group sex a couple times. But when he shows up his dick doesn’t. What is going on here? Oh this story! A girl started seeing her therapist at age 17. At age 19, she confessed to her 45 year-old therapist that she loved him. So, naturally he told her that he loved her back. They married and had a kid. (Really.) Then they divorced. (Of course.) Now, when her kid or friends ask how she met her ex, she doesn’t know what to say. What should she say? And how can she process all the disturbing, conflicting emotions? On the Magnum: You little whipper snappers! Why, when I was your age, we were doin’ it like bunny rabbits all over the damn place! The youth of today are having less sex. They’re even calling it a “sex recession.” Kate Julian of The Atlantic is on to discuss her article exploring this unlikely phenomenon. And, a man’s wife has been engaging in unauthorized wanking. She didn’t fill out the proper forms. 206-302-2064


Kate Julian