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With former white supremacist Christian Picciolini.

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A 76 year-old woman wonders if everyone is doing polyamory these days, or if there are any monogamous couples left. A woman’s twin brother has become a white supremacist, and is getting sucked in to a very scary community. Dan brings on Christian Picciolini, who himself was recruited and eventually left the white power movement. He now combats extreme hate groups, with a message compassion and understanding. On the Magnum, Dan chats with writer Zachary Zane, on the challenges and resources for coming out as a bi man. And, a woman works form home in her group house. One of her housemates has wall quaking, floor rumbling, howling, caterwauling, noisy sex at all hours, sometimes while the caller is on a work call. When confronted the housemate says she won’t stop. Is it time to move out, or just live with it


Christian Picciolini