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Mob Queens with Michael Seligman

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It’s your typical story: Man has sex with girl who has only 2 fingers on one of her hands. Man never calls girl again because he only wanted casual sex anyway. Years later, man feels guilty for not calling girl with disability because he worries she will think he ghosted her because of her weird hand. Man calls homosexual sex advice podcaster for absolution. A man and his wife are embarking on some sex club explorations. Dan chats with the man about how to stay safe and keep his head together and his marriage strong. Also, there is talk of glory holes. On the Magnum, Dan chats with Michael Seligman, co-host of “Mob Queens” a podcast about some deliciously sordid gay history. Finally, a woman was hooking up with a guy who came on her chest and then licked it up. So far so good. But her friends, including her gay male friends, are grossed out to hear this detail. What is going on here? Why the squick factor?


Michael Seligman