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Shy lady doms rise up! With Midori.

A man is getting re-married. Is it shoddy to use the same officiant as his first wedding? Dan talks to a woman who had a blurry encounter with another woman as a very sexually repressed Christian school. Her lover called it rape the next day. It’s been ten years, and in this #MeToo era, the … Read More »

Learn to Dom with Midori

A gay man wants nothing more than to watch strong men flex their muscles for him. His straight friend is willing…but would it be too weird? A woman recently got broken up with by her boyfriend. She used to pay all the bills and float him cash. How can she ask for the money he … Read More »

Dan chats with Japanese bondage trail-blazer Midori.

When a guy uses concert tickets to entice you to spend time with him, should you accept, even if you feel no attraction? Or would that make you mercenary? A lesbian wonders how to let her potential employers know that she’s gay during her job interview. On the Magnum, Dan chats with Japanese bondage trailblazer … Read More »