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Why does Dr. Barak keep returning to the show?

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A remote controlled buttplug? In the bath? This pandemic is getting pretty fun! A woman asks a question that so many of us are also wondering: is it safe to be romantically intimate with someone who has already recovered from covid-19? When? Dan brings on the intrepid Dr. Barak to answer, and as usual hits him with a gnarly second question just to make the good doctor squirm. Are you a parent? Have you had some challenges raising your kids? Is your kid a foot fetishist? If you answered either yes or no to any of these questions, then you’re going to want to listen in. And, a man in an open relationship feels empty and sad after he orgasms with anyone but his primary partner. How can he retrain his brain? Tickets to the Savage Lovecast Livestream are at www.savagelovecast.com/events Send your written questions ahead of time to livestream@savagelovecast.com 206-302-2064 voicemail@savagelovecast.com


Dr. Barak