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Here comes Randy Rainbow!

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A gay man has started seeing a new guy. But the lad said he wanted to wait until marriage to have sex. This is highly unusual amongst homosexuals, don’t you think? Is it possible to have a loving, romantic relationship, and also engage in financial domination? Sounds spicy! Clear a path! Clear a path! Here comes RANDY RAINBOW, the brilliant YouTuber whose musical theater political parodies single-handedly got us all through the past 4 years. It should come as no surprise that he and Dan have big, big love for each other. Randy talks about his future projects, his glamorous connections and of course, dishes out some sex advice. A bit of this is on the Micro and all of it is on the Magnum. Tuck in. And, we have many calls concerning jealousy this week. We wish there was a vaccine for it.


Randy Rainbow