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After the shot: dating post-vaccination.

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Have you ever been blocked? This man was! When he and his boyfriend of 6 months had their first big fight, they broke up, and the boyfriend slammed the door shut. Now the caller wants closure. Dan Savage is here to hold his hand through it. A man is attempting to grow some foreskin through…techniques. He thinks circumcision should be outlawed. But when he discusses this with some of his Jewish or Muslim pals, it doesn’t go over well. On the Magnum version, Dan chats with Dr. Stacy De-Lin about dating and covid-safety now that many of us are beginning to get vaccinated. Also, is it safe to have your poly sister babysit for your kid? And, a woke woman is annoyed that her friend has invited her to a Zoom gender-reveal party.


Dr. Stacy De-Lin