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A Literal Ghosting

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It’s a sexcess story…sort of! A woman tells us about how she relieved a 32 year-old man of his virginity. She recommends it!

A woman had a wonderful hook-up with her neighbor. The next morning they made plans to have dinner that night, but she never heard from him again, in what turned out to be a literal ghosting. He died that day. Now she feels heartsick and guilty that she is grieving such a short relationship. Dan counsels her on the phone as only Dan can. 

On the Magnum, it’s a “What You Got?” With Professor Lloyd Johnston who studies the epidemiology of drug use as well as AIDS. He and Dan discuss the state of HIV in the United States, and how sexual abstinence is on the rise among young men. 

And, a woman’s 13 year old nephew might be gay. At a family gathering, she found his door locked, and when she knocked he emerged with an older teenaged friend of his. What were they doing in there? Should the caller tell his mom? 

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Professor Lloyd Johnston