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Leaning Weiners.

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“CLEAN MY HOUSE!” A woman has been seeing her new boyfriend for a few months. He is kinkier than she’s ever been, but she’s willing to try his things. A dom friend of his has commanded him to clean her house as a service sub. Suddenly the caller feels jealous. Also, if he’s going to clean anything, it should be his own damn house.

A woman drunkenly made up a project she was working on in order to entice a former teacher of hers on LinkedIn. He responded right away, offering to help. Now what? Should she prolong the lie? Or come clean?

On the Magnum, a man’s father has Peyronie’s disease. His penis curves painfully and he hasn’t had a comfortable erection in a year. Is there something that can be done? And is it hereditable? Dan brings on the comforting urologist, Dr. Ashley Winter to do a deep dive on this condition, which is more common than you might think.

“I no longer find you attractive.” Ouch! Those are the words we all dread, whether we have to say them or hear them. A gay caller now has to live with these words ringing his head, even though the relationship ended amicably, and he knows he’s good looking. How can he get his confidence back?


Dr. Ashley Winter