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Erika Moen Tells You How to Stuff Them Stockings.

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Why was he such a bad lover? A woman hooked up with a younger man, and endured mediocre sex. He didn’t reciprocate oral, for instance. She blew him off, and when he reached out to her, she was honest about his lack of skill. Later, he drunk-dialed her and confessed that it had been his first time. Now she feels guilty and wishes she had been more compassionate, knowing what she now knows. Does she owe him anything? 

A woman has discovered that her new boyfriend follows porny, blonde bimbo types on Insta. She is dark complected and looks nothing like these women. She doesn’t want to sex-shame him, but his taste seems really thoughtless and basic to her. Is it a red flag? Should she confront him? 

On the Magnum, it’s time to shop baby! Boost that economy with the gift of sex toys. Our beloved regular guest Erika Moen (of “Oh Joy Sex Toy,” and “Let’s Talk About It”) is on to offer recommendations so you can stuff the right stockings. 

And, ladies/vag-havers: how do you dispose of the jizz that comes a’tricking out after sex? Our caller is too busy to wait until it all flows out, and has heard that douching is a no-no. We’re crowdsourcing this one. 


Erika Moen