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Non-Monogamy Help with Lola Phoenix

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A bisexual woman came out to her conservative mother, and amazingly, she didn’t flip out. But she did beg the caller to keep it secret from the rest of the family. Mommy thinks there should be white pride parades. The caller’s girlfriend is Black. What could go wrong?

A transman likes violent sex, almost crossing the line from consensual non-consent into rape. His wife worries that he will resent her for objecting. Therapy for all!

On the Magnum, anxious polyamorists rejoice! Our guest this week is Lola Phoenix, author of The Anxious Person’s Guide to Non-Monogamy. She and Dan talk about the societal pressure non-monogamous folks contend with, and how communication is elevated to an art when you have a bevy of metamours circling around. 

A woman is enjoying a short term relationship with a man. She wants to try dom/sub action, specifically being worshiped as a goddess. He’s into it! So what’s the catch? He has erectile dysfunction and won’t get hard during this kind of play. His visual arousal is key to her feeling adored. What’s a goddess to do? 


Lola Phoenix



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