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Bi men, we see you!

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So many bi and adventurous queer men this week! A 61 year-old gay man has never, ever, ever been near a vagina since he emerged from one 6 decades ago…until now. He is seeing a trans man and finds he is loving pleasing him, but can’t quite make penetration work. 

And, another gay man had a great time with a trans man. So much so, that he wants to start seeing cis women. Is he ethically obliged to tell them that he has been gay all his life? 

On the Magnum, Dan chats with Zachary Zane, aka BOYSLUT about being promiscuous in the age of monkeypox, and how to ask politely if the third in your three-way has gotten tested for STIs. 

A bi man has been out there seeking casual sex. Is it appropriate to ask a hook-up partner what she would do if she got pregnant, despite their precautions? 


Zachary Zane