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Pills by the bed, with Ellen Forney.

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A man is about to have his wedding. He and his fiancé are swingers, and he wants the whole wide world to know it. His fiancé is more reticent to let family members know. Should he tell his children that they will be staying at a swinger’s resort after the ceremony and that they plan to bang a couple of their wedding guests? 

Monkey pox isn’t going anywhere folks. Dan brings back Dr. Carleton Thomas to talk about the vaccine, and how to communicate about it better. 

On the Magnum, Dan brings back cherished cartoonist and mental health coach Ellen Forney to talk about mood disorders, and whether to leave your pills out by the bed. Forney’s books “Marbles” and “Rock Steady” are must-haves whether you have bipolar, love someone who does, or are just interested in the subject.

And, meet a woman who embodies the concept of GGG with exceptional valor. Her boyfriend was delighted when she accidentally peed during sex and then asked if she would, well, you know,…poop. Her concern? She’s a giggler and worries she’ll laugh through the whole thing. Is this a fake call meant to invoke the expression “shits and giggles?” Maybe! But it’s podcast gold so…enjoy! 


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