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So, so, so vanilla? Magnum Guest: Dr. Carlton

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A very vanilla woman is so vanilla that she “doesn’t know what a kink is.” That’s really vanilla!

Here’s a complicated three-way situation: He is the top with his husband. But he is the sub for his Dom boyfriend. When the three get together, who does what?

On the Magnum we welcome back Dr. Carlton Thomas, the intrepid gastroenterologist who fears no anal sex question. Example! One caller wants his butt to feel raw from rough use. Then, a woman wants to stretch her asshole for her boyfriend and wonders if it will snap back. They talk about giant sex toys, sex toys getting lost up there, Bengay as lube and more! Listen in! 

And, more tamely, a woman worries that her boyfriend’s halitosis bodes ill for oral sex. Could she get an infection from his stinky spit? 

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