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With exvangelical writer Chrissy Stroop.

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A polyamorous trilingual woman wants to explore dirty talk. Her lovers all speak different languages. But she finds that when she’s talking dirty in her mother tongue it sounds and feels more aggressive than she would like. Any multi-lingual dirty talkers out there with wisdom to share? 

A bi woman and her man used to go to co-ed bathhouses. Once covid hit, they stopped. Now that there’s monkeypox to consider, should they stay out of this bathhouse? Or can they still go if they only play with each other while they’re there? Dan brings on medical writer Benjamin Ryan to go over some pros and cons. 

On the Magnum, we present an interesting conundrum and an even more interesting guest. A 45 year-old woman’s parent came out as a trans woman a few years ago. The daughter uses she/her pronouns, but gets hung up when talking about the past. She remembers growing up with a father, not two mothers, and her parent encourages use of the word “dad” to refer to that time.  But that’s hard! Dan brings on Chrissy Stroop, an exvangelical writer who came out as trans in 2019, and writes about religion and queer issues. 

And, a woman in an open, trusting relationship couldn’t help herself and snooped over a long weekend, rummaging through her boyfriend’s phone. She didn’t find anything questionable, but when she went back to look at his What’sApp, she discovered he’d locked it. He never said anything to her about it. She feels stupid and guilty. Should she come clean? Or sit in the ickiness of her misdeed and vow to snoop no more? 


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