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Sex Negativity with Katherine Dee.

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A tantric tease gave his buddy a long, erotic, boner-ifying massage which the caller describes as the best non-penetrative sex he has had…ever. But the dude is in a monogamous relationship, and because there was no penetration, never considered it cheating. Now the caller is panting with lust and wants more. 

A woman’s friend was dating a guy who claimed to be a recovering sex addict. But the caller discovered that he was concurrently dating another woman, telling both of them that they were his one and only. Having learned this, the friend is not quite ready to DTMFA. How can the caller help to get her there? 

On the Magnum, Dan politely spars with Katherine Dee, an internet writer who has been following some key players in the “sex negativity movement.” How can we reconcile the promises of the sexual revolution with rising reports of female dissatisfaction?  And here’s something you’ve never heard on the Lovecast: “There’s something wrong with you if you’re into bondage.” Somehow, Dan keeps his cool. 

And, a bi woman with a boyfriend negotiated an open relationship. She started dating a woman. But when he started sexting with a woman himself, she realized she wasn’t quite ready for non-monogamy after all.


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