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Medieval Kinksters with Eleanor Janega.

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A woman’s fiancé wants her to ride him. She’s game but feels self-conscious because she’s big and has some body issues. He loves her body just as it is. How can she embrace her inner big cowgirl?

A woman is dating a few men casually. Some of these guys do bondage and impact play leaving the evidence on her body, which she really loves. But when she shows up with marks from another man, some of her lovers get angry in a way that feels unsafe to her. How can she resolve this?

On the Magnum, did you know they were suuuuuper kinky in the Middle Ages? Dan chats with Medieval historian Eleanor Janega, about St. Sebastian, the ceiling porn that is the Sistine Chapel, and the timelessness of spankos. Her blog Going Medieval is a kick- check it out.

And, a man has a crush on his girlfriend’s sister. He’s a bad liar. Should he tell his girlfriend how he feels, or keep it in and wait for the crush to fade?


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