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Healing Yourself from Sexual Trauma with Rena Martine.

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A straight man in his 40s can only come if his lady is so, so, very wet. Is this a kink? Also, as he and his partners are aging, the likelihood of his finding a woman who can accommodate him diminishes. What can he do to ensure middle aged orgasms for all?

A man’s husband has a lush, silky beard. Other men just need to touch it! The caller hates this, and wishes they would leave his husband’s pretty chin alone. How can he learn to politely rebuff their advances?

On the Magnum, a woman struggles with sex when her boyfriend initiates. Past trauma gets in the way of her enjoyment. Dan brings on Rena Martine, a women’s intimacy coach, and former sex crimes prosecutor to talk about ways of breaking the bad associations between sex and fear. She also advocates for BDSM as a healing modality. 

Finally, a gay man just joined a new gym, and finds he’s got some exhibitionist tendencies. But he wants to make sure he’s being a good gym citizen. What is the etiquette amongst the sweaty brotherhood? 


Rena Martine



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