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Addicted to Anal: With magnum guest Claire Perelman

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A transman is under deep cover in his hostile, misogynistic, anti-queer work environment. And what’s more, one of his co-workers is probably a closet case who has a crush on the caller! Complicated! Dangerous!

A straight man has become dependent on anal sex in order to come. Did porn hijack his erotic life? His previous girlfriend was into it, but how can he find another willing partner?

On the Magnum, Dan brings on Sex Therapist Claire Perelman to talk about some of the problems that plague couples. Like, infidelity, threeways and pooping in the shower. She handles Dan Savage’s world with grace. 

And, a woman doesn’t mind the dick pics. It’s when the photo includes sex with another woman that has her irked. Was the other woman consenting to have her picture shared? Who knows? Why do men do this? 


Claire Perelman



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